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Tea & Coffee Pots

Tea Pot


Our tea pot is fully documented as correct for the colonial period. We make it with a hinged lid, and a strainer inside the spout. This teapot holds 2 quarts.

6-3/4" base x 4" high x 3-3/4" at lid


Early Coffee Pot

Early coffee pot

Our early coffee pot is straight-sided, and has a small thumb knob to hold onto while pouring. The inside of the spout includes a strainer. We make this in two convenient sizes (the smaller size is shown here).

5" base x 8" high


6" base x 8" high


Traditional Coffee Pot

Traditional coffee pot

Our traditional coffee pot has slopes sies, and inside of the spout is a strainer. This pot holds 3 1/2 quarts.

6-1/2" base x 8" high x 4-1/4 at the lid


Large Coffee Pot

This is our large coffee pot, suitable for a full camp. It is holds up to 3 gallons,

10-1/4" base x 12" high x 6" at the lid




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