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Cooking Pots

Corn Boilers

Corn boilers

We sell four different corn boilers. All our corn boilers have a loop on the lid for removing it easily with a stick, fork, or whatever you have at hand. We make the corn boiler as a standard cooking pot (far left), and the smaller "insert" (middle). We also offer both sizes with a handle and hinged lid. The "insert" nests nicely inside either of the two larger boilers. Our Best Seller is shown at the far right. The four options cover about all your small camp cooking needs.

4-1/2" wide x 4-3/4" high


4" wide x 4" high ("insert")


4-1/2" wide x 4-3/4" high, with handle, hinged lid


4" wide x 4" high, with handle, hinged lid (not shown)


Early Trade Pots

Trade kettles

These are our early trade kettles or trade pots, which come in two convenient sizes: the small 26 oz. kettle (at right), and the large 42 oz. kettle (at left). The lids have loops for easy lifting, and sturdy bales.

Small 4-3/4" base x 3-1/2" top x 4-1/2" high


Large 5-7/8" base x 4-3/4" top x 4-1/2" high


Small Cooking Pots (Nesting Pots)

Small cooking pots

This set of smaller cooking pots is made to cover trips into the field and rendezvous, and to pack neatly by nesting one inside the other. You may order each individually, or order a set of the smaller three (shown here, which all nest into the 8"x 5" pot and/or the 9"x 6-1/2").

Nesting cup with handle, which fits into the 5"x 3" pot; handy in the field


5" wide x 3" high, easy-to-pack 1-man pot


6" wide x 3-1/2" high, a 2-man pot, or good for canoe or horseback


7" wide x 4" high, good for camp cooking


Set-of-three nesting pots (5"x 3", 6"x 3-1/2" and 7"x 4")


8" wide x 5" high, larger pot for more food or people - the three-piece set will nest inside


9" wide x 6-1/2" pot - the three-piece set will nest inside


Large Cooking Pots

Large cooking pots

We offer these cooking pots several sizes to fit all your cooking needs. This picture shows two examples: 9"wide x 9" high (left) and 7" wide x 7" high (right). All our pots come with removable lids with rings for lifting off easily. We make our larger pots with extra banding for added strength. These pots will nest inside each other, and all will go inside our Monster Pot.

NEW! 5 x 4-1/2" pot


6" x 6 " camp pot, good canoe pot


7" x 7" stew pot/vegetable boiler, holds 1 gallon


8" x 8" stew pot, corn or lobster boiler, holds 1 gallon and a bit


9" x 9" large pot , holds 2 1/2 gallons


Monster Pot

Monster cook pot

We also make a popular "monster" pot, perfect for large camps and lots of people to feed, or simply to heat water for washing dishes (don't forget the wash basins!). The other cooking pots nest inside quite nicely. We make this pot with extra banding for added strength.

This monster pot holds 5 gallons.

11" wide x 11-3/4" high monster pot


Straight-Sided Pouring Pots

Straight-sided pouring pot

Our straight-sided pouring pot is good for coffee or straining vegetables. It has a splash-guard feature on at the top, a spout, and a strainer. As with our other pots, you can easily remove the lid with the loop at the top. We make this pot in three sizes.

6" wide x 6" high


7" wide x 7" high


8" wide x 8" high



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