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Tom Brown's shop for Westminster Forge

Westminster Forge has been making copper wares for more than 30 years. The owner and coppersmith, Tom Brown, began working with metals many years before that.

Tom and his wife Bev have been reenacting for more than 30 years. They began with the Mountain Man experience, and then migrated to the Colonial period (primarily the 1750s and 1760s) about 5 years later. Tom helped co-found one of the original units of Milice—French militia for reenacting the French and Indian War (1757-1763). And he helped co-organize the earlier battles between French and Indians and British troops at the Lake George Tactical.

Tom is a member of NMLRA, and he is proud to be able to say that he served as a Marine in the Vietnam War.

Please note that WMF is also a distributor for Tentsmiths, and will take orders for Tentsmiths' products at any time.

And how did we get the name "Westminster Forge"? Well, Tom's workshop Westminster Road, in Connecticut, behind his 18th-century house, where he also has the opportunity to practice his flintlock shooting and to hold small target-shooting competitions from time to time.



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